Progressive jackpot pokies take everything we know and love about 5 reel video pokies and add giant jackpots that grow and grow over time until someone claims their glorious prize. Needless to say, they’re a favorite among many pokies players.

Most progressive jackpot machines start with jackpots in the NZ$500,000 to NZ$1,000,000 range, and grow over time from there until they are claimed. The rate at which they grow is equal to the number of plays being undertaken on them, so the most popular machines tend to grow quite quickly, and then even exponentially quicker from there as the jackpot grows higher and more players make a concerted effort to try and nab it.

Progressive jackpot pokies are also unique in the jackpot is shared amongst all player of the machine, regardless of the online casino they play through. Given that there are only a couple dozen prominent progressive jackpot machines, most major online casino all share these machines (depending of course on which major provider they license their games from, Playtech or Microgaming).

Some of the most well-known progressive jackpot pokies are Major Millions, Mega Moolah (perhaps the most popular one currently, and renowned for attaining massive jackpots), King Cashalot, Mega Fortune, and The Dark Knight (one of the newest such machines).

Aside from the progressive jackpot function, they otherwise operate as fairly standard 5 reel video pokies, with various themes and different payout structures. The one major difference is that most lack the bonus rounds found in some of the most popular 5 reel video pokies, so the choice usually comes down to bonus rounds for a chance to win smaller returns, or progressive jackpots for a chance at a massive reward.

One interesting element of progressive jackpot pokies is that when the jackpot reaches a certain height, the machines actually become a positive proposition for the player; meaning their expected return is greater than their wager. This is the only time any pokie ever achieves this state, and why those massive jackpots rise so fast and are more than worth it to take a shot (or many) at winning.