5 reel pokies are the current stars of the online pokies world and get the brunt of the attention and innovation. While 3 reel pokies have largely maintained their simplistic status quo, 5 reel video pokies have in many cases warped into interactive games, by providing bonus rounds that gives enhanced control over the action or unique ways to try and achieve the bonus prizes.

Given their popularity, 5 reel pokies also tend to use major licenses to attract players to give them a spin, using popular gaming and movie franchises like Tomb Raider, Batman, The Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, Hellboy, Terminator, and many more as the central theme of the machine. Other popular 5 reel machines include Thunderstruck, Avalon, Big Kahuna, and Cashapillar.

Given the increased number of reels (and sometimes lines as well), 5 reel video pokies offer more paylines that crisscross across the various lines and reels, for players to try and score their combinations on. The standard minimum is usually 9 lines, and some machines may extend all the way to 100 different paylines, allowing for some hectic action.

Some recent 5 reel video pokies have even eschewed the traditional payline structure altogether, instead replacing them with either 243 or 1,024 “ways”; these machines usually simplify the pay lines process by scrapping it in favor of a left-to-right system, that works along any combination of lines, so long as the correct symbols appear in the correct order of reels. This actually makes these pokies easier to follow than some of the machines with moe chaotic lines that need to be remembered, as it’s easy to pick out what combinations you still have left as each reel stops.

It will be exciting to see where 5 reel video pokies take us in the future. With 3 reel pokies likely to maintain their standard, 5 reel pokies are where developers can really get creative and devise new methods of playstyles, bonus rounds, and payouts, with popular franchises to tie them altogether. They will likely remain the standard bearer in the online pokies world for many years to come.