3 reel pokies are the standard and classic pokies that long defined the industry and raised them to the prominence they are today. The majority of 3 reel pokies contain just one pay line, going from left to right across the middle, though some occasionally offer alternatives to this.

3 reel pokies can come in a variety of themes, though fruit was often a staple of these machines for a long time. The term fruit pokies still most often refers to these 3 reel pokies. However with the advent of online pokies, there are now much more creative themes for players to experience. Some of the most common ones are desert, space, sports, animals, colorful letters and/or numbers, and many others.

3 reel pokies can come with a variety of different payout structures, usually consisting of anywhere from 4 to 6 different winning combinations, which usually all require 3 of the same symbol. In some cases, there may be alternatives to this structure, where the jackpot or highest ranking symbol can also form a winning combination when only 2 of them are present along with another specific or even random symbol. The top payouts on these machines usually fall in the range of 500 to 1,000 times the wager.

Despite the advent of 5 reel video pokies with enhanced play mechanics and even bonus content that gives them unique and fun play mechanics, 3 reel pokies continue to remain popular. The simplicity of play and ease of watching the reels and following the combinations is no doubt responsible for this continued appeal. The tension and excitement is much higher when you focus on one line and instantly recognize when you have a potential winning combination coming down to the last reel’s spin. It also provides the sense of a more relaxing pace where you feel you’re not rushing to wager or win money, but rather enjoying the experience of the pokies in the process.

For this reason, 3 reel pokies will likely continue to remain popular and receive new iterations for years to come, giving their fans more themes and experiences to look forward to, and plenty of enjoyable pokies action to be had.