This is what it’s all about, and why we created the number one site in New Zealand dedicated to pokies: the awesome pokies themselves. There’s hundreds of them in multiple categories, and eachhas something unique to offer players. Explore the different options below and see which suits your tastes best. Online pokies are broken down into four major categories, and we’ll briefly take a look at each of them here. The full pages dedicated to those pokie types will explain them in even greater detail and offer more in-depth details about their play mechanics and example games.

3 Reel Classic Pokies

This is the classic pokie style that has long been popular in realworld casinos and other pokie locations. The simplicity of these machines makes them particularly appealing to many players. With just one payline to watch on most of these pokies, and no crazy combinations of reels to have to try and follow, they are easy to watch and get involved in, so that tension builds as the last reel is about to stop.


5 Reel Video Pokies

These offer a more action-packed experience than the classic 3 reel pokies. With 5 reels, and either 3 or 5 lines, these pokies offer greatly expanded gameplay. There are more paylines to track, more possible winning combinations to be found with the symbols, and even slightly higher odds of landing the highest-paying combinations. However, it’s not as intuitive to follow these machines as they are spinning, so the experience isn’t quite the same as it is with 3 reel pokies.


Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Pokies are popular with many for the possibility of hitting jackpots, and these pokies take that to an intense level. These machines, whose jackpots are usually shared between every site which uses it, continually see their jackpots increase in value as more and more games played without it having been won. These machines frequently surpass NZ$1,000,000, and jackpots of over NZ$5,000,000 have also been won on them with regularity.


Video Poker Machines

Video poker is a slightly different beast than the others. It is more interactive and skill-based, in that you have a direct effect on the game by choosing which cards to keep and which to toss to try and build the best winning hand possible. You also have the option of playing as many as 100 hands at once, making for some interesting strategies and combinations that keeps video poker endlessly dynamic.