Windows Tablet Pokies for NZ Players

The Windows Phone mobile OS has had a tough time breaking its way into the mobile monopoly established by iOS and Android. With their entrenched app ecosystems, it’s hard to convince someone to switch to a device that has exceptional promise, but doesn’t have the same software infrastructure. It doesn’t help that Windows Phone devices have tended to be slightly more expensive than those of other mobile OS’s as well.

This difficulty in the mobile space is best exemplified by Microsoft themselves, whose highly touted Surface tablets crashed with a loud thud upon hitting stores. Sales figures made barely a dent into the titanium armor of the iPad. However Microsoft has not given up, and the most recent Surface tablet has increased in sales over its predecessor, with plans already in place for another. And while there may not be a strong ecosystem of apps or games for Windows Phone tablets, this doesn’t extend to online casinos, which have embraced the mobile OS.

No different than Windows Phone smartphones, Windows Phone tablets are able to play the mobile casino software of many of the top online casinos for Kiwis available today. Their programmers have created a software package that works perfectly with Windows Phone, while the software developers themselves have done the dirty work of converting their games to the mobile OS in the most efficient way possible.

While the overall conversion of games is progressing at a slightly slower pace than it is for Android or iOS, many of the top pokies and favorite casino game types have already been converted to for play on Windows Phone through Microgaming and Playtech-powered casinos. Not only that, those games that have been adapted for Windows mobile play just as exceptionally as they do for other mobile OS’s.

Perhaps the best example of this is Thunderstruck II, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed video pokies in recent years. It looks phenomenal on a Windows Phone tablet, the graphics are sharp and crisp, and the animations fluid. If you have a Windows Phone tablet, you may be slightly lacking in your selection of apps, but you can rest assured that you do have access to many of the top pokies, and in glorious detail.