Windows Phone Pokies for NZ Players

If you own a Windows phone, you should be happy to know that you’ll likely be able to play pokies on your smartphone through a number of different online casinos, some of the best of which you can see for yourself in our reviews section. Even the original Windows Phone OS of some years back is compatible with the mobile casinos of developers Playtech and Microgaming, and the newer Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 (and finally Windows Phone 8.1) only makes the experience that much richer.

Regardless of OS, you do need a competent and high-quality smartphone to be able to fluidly run some of the best online pokies like Tomb Raider, The Lord of the Rings, and Cashalot, and Windows Phone has plenty of such devices. Nokia has been a prominent partner and proponent of the Windows Phone mobile OS, and some of their smartphones like their various Nokia Lumia series of smartphones are perfect for playing online pokies. Taiwan’s HTC and China’s Huawei have also got into the Windows Phone scrum with efforts of their own, while Samsung also released a few Windows Phone smartphones in the past, though they now seem more intent on sticking to Android.

Despite Windows Phones not quite being up to par in terms of consumers with the mobile OS’s of Android and iOS, online casinos were quick to ensure none of their owners would be left out of the mobile pokies fun, and they’ve further attempted to entice players to get playing on their Windows Phones by offering special mobile offers and incentives.

As for the pokies themselves, those that have been made available for Windows Phone thus far play exceptionally well. This is partly due to the Windows Phone OS itself, which is mostly praised for its speed compared to other mobile OS’s. The online casino websites and pokie developers need to get the majority of the credit however, for painstakingly bringing their games to Windows Phone smartphones and ensuring they can be fully enjoyed by anyone who owns one; and they’ve definitely succeeded.