iPad Pokies for NZ Players

With its big, beautiful screen and easy touch controls, the iPad makes the perfect mobile device for gaming of all kinds, whether it be online casino gaming, or video gaming. In fact anything that can be enhanced by viewing it on bigger, brighter, and higher resolution screen, like simple video watching, is much better on the iPad than on the alternative.

It’s no wonder then that the iPad has become the most actively used device for serious gamers, with a report last year showing that despite owning a much smaller over gaming marketshare than smartphones, tablet owners (primarily iPad owners) make up a much greater percentage of the game buying and in-ap purchasing markerplace.

Of course it’s never just as easy as using your iPad to do anything your heart desires. iOS is an inherently different OS than a Windows OS, which most programs and games are designed for, and therefore these programs often have to be ported to other OS’s to be made to properly work with them. Given the growing market for mobile casino games, it’s not surprising that online casino game makers have done just that, converting many of their most popular games, and sometimes entire catalogs of their games, for play on mobile devices.

If you’re worried over possible compatibility, there’s no need. The majority of top casinos for Kiwis are running casino games from either Microgaming or Playtech, and these two casino game developers have both released mobile versions of their software that can be run flawlessly on iPads. One simply has to download the mobile software version of the website’s online casino so the games can be installed and played on their tablet.

While not every single game has been converted in all cases, the majority of the most popular pokies already have been, and are fully playable on your mobile device. Best of you, you won’t even need separate accounts to play them. Simply log into your existing online casino account through your iPad, and begin playing your favorite games with your current balance, for real money. It’s that easy and immensely fun and convenient to play pokies on your iPad.