Android Phone Pokies for NZ Players

The Android mobile OS has become the most broadly adopted one amongst smartphone manufacturers not named Apple or Microsoft, owing to its ease of use, utility, and the vast selection of apps available for it, which makes the device itself more attractive.

For users, the broad selection of devices and the operating systems they come with can cause some problems however. Unlike iOS which has a relatively stable and unchanging OS, Android has received frequent updates, and new programs or apps are sometimes only made to work with certain versions of the OS; and it’s not always automatically the newest one.

So does your Android phone have what it takes to play online pokies? In general if it’s running Android 4.2 OS or higher, you should have no problems playing online pokies, though you may still face other issues that could be caused by the phone, rather than the OS. Android phones aren’t always the most modern devices, and some could have difficulty properly playing pokies. However if your phone is relatively new, you should have no problems.

Microgaming is one of the biggest names in the online casino world, and the game developer of many of our top ranked casinos for Kiwis, and they have paid special attention to the Android OS. Many of their top games have been lovingly ported to Android, and look and play just as stellar as they do on your desktop. Other than some layouts being optimized to take advantage of the screen size and orientation, they are often indistinguishable from the desktop version.

Playtech too has made sure to update many of their most popular pokies for play on Android devices, and their pokies consistently deliver a high-qaulity experience on Android smartphones.

Given that many online casinos now offer bonuses for their players to take up the mobile gauntlet, it’s a great time to jump aboard the mobile casino bandwagon and see if your Android device is ready to play. If not, you’ll almost certainly want to upgrade to a model that can in the near future so you’re not missing out on all the mobile fun.