We’re here to detail everything you need to know about playing pokies from your mobile device, no matter what it may be; smartphone or tablet, Apple or Samsung, Blackberry or Windows Phone. Whatever it is, we’ll let you know what you can play on it, and what software you might need to do so.

Android Phone Pokies

There are many different versions of Android devices on the market, many running different versions of the OS, though most should be able to play pokies online.


Android Tablet Pokies

Android tablets are ideal devices to play games of all kinds on, including some of the best mobile pokies, and here’s how to do it, and what you’ll need.


Apple iPad Pokies

The iPad makes for a great device for accessing your online casino games from, assuming you know where to play and how to get started.


Apple iPhone Pokies

It’s never been easier or more fun to play pokies online on your iPhone, and we show you how and what else to look for in this section.


Windows Phone Pokies

Playing pokies on a Windows Phone-equipped smartphone is possible and eminently enjoyable with the right phone and the right online casino to do it through.


Windows Tablet Pokies

Windows tablets are gaining some prominence in the electronics world as viable competitors to iOS and Android tablets, and online casino developers have taken notice.


Mobile Online Pokies Information

Mobile online pokies bring the pokies we’ve loved to play online for the past two decades to the mobile realm, so we can experience them on the go. Mobile is the fastest growing segment of the online world in most aspects of internet usage, and this has given strong impetus for many companies , including online casinos, to update and even optimize their play for mobile experiences. Some online casinos even encourage Kiwis to play on their mobile devices by offering unique promotions or rewards to those players who do.

Of course transplanting graphically intensive games to mobile platforms, which run different operating systems than the standard Windows (and to a lesser extent Max and Linux, though they often have many of the same problems with incompatibility as mobile OS’s do) is not as simple a task as it may seem. While pokies can often be played on desktops without downloads, this isn’t often the case on mobile devices, and mobile software packages must be downloaded from the online casino to allow for play on those devices. And though many of the newest slots have been updated for mobile play, some older ones from developers like Playtech and Microgaming may still be unavailable.

The good news for mobile players is that such concerns will be a thing of the past from here on out. Every new pokie developed will be given at least equal importance to its mobile play capabilities as its desktop ones, and some will give preference to mobile entirely. Such is the case with new pokie software developer Betsoft Gaming, whose high-quality 3D pokies are designed from the ground up with mobile devices in mind.

And we’re only beginning to scratch the surface of what will possible. With smartwatches now the newest growing trend in mobile, gaming software developers have already begun to test pokies for use with smartwatches, so that one day you may be able to spin the reels directly from your watch, and with just a tilt of your wrist. It’s only a matter of time before have big winners playing from their watches, like some of the lucky winners of massive jackpots on their tablets and smartphones.