FAQ For NZ Online Pokies & Casino Players

Welcome to our FAQ section for New Zealand player interested in playing at online casinos. In this section we answer some of the most common questions related to playing at online casinos, including how you can get started depositing money, the legality of playing at online casinos, and how to handle further inquiries.

What are online pokies?

In New Zealand (as well as Australia), pokies is the term we give to what are otherwise classified as slots machines throughout much of the rest of the world. Perhaps owing to their immense popularity down here in the South Pacific, we fashioned them with their own label that was much more fitting.

Pokies come in all shapes and sizes. At the most basic end of the spectrum there are the standard 3-line, 3-reel pokies. These machines are easy to follow, with just a handful of paylines to track, and that makes them enjoyable and relaxing for many players. On the other end of the spectrum are the gigantic pokies with as many as 5-lines and 5-reels. These machines can have as many as 100 paylines cross-crossing across the reels, and that alternatively can be very attractive for the players who love action. Then there are the new wave of interactive pokies, which often feature bonus modes with fun and rewarding play mechanics upon achieving certain conditions.

The vast amount of pokies, as well as the multitude of graphical themes and motifs that make them up means there is endless fun and variety to be had playing them.

What are the benefits of playing pokies online?

This is a good question, especially for those who may be lucky enough to live close to a physical casino. For those people, the prospect of playing in front of their computer screen, in the drab environment of their living room or bedroom, may not seem particularly appealing compared to the alternative. And no doubt about it, you can’t fully recreate that casino experience from home.

However the convenience factor more than makes up for that. Rather than the hour or more of effort it could take to get out to a physical casino for some gaming fun, you can be online and playing within seconds. Variety is also unmatched online; you have access to more machines and more games to play than you possible could have at a physical casino. This allows you to quickly switch games or multi-task different things at will.

Online casinos also offer great rewards programs for loyal players that increases your odds of seeing a bigger return on your money spent wagering. You can even play on the go on your mobile device. Convenience, variety, and bigger returns seems to make online casinos the place to play, with an occassional stop in at the real deal for that live experience.

Is it legal for me to play online pokies?

This is an important question, and many people may falsely believe that it’s illegal for Kiwis to play at online casinos, especially if they’re prone to reading world news, where there’s often talk from other regions over the legality of online gambling there (the United States being a big one, where there is a very prominent ban on online gambling that has forced many professional poker players to leave the country).

Kiwis have no such concerns. Playing online pokies is completely legal, and in fact enjoys none of the restrictions that plague running a physical casino, are even simply gambling in a smoky room under a restaurant, which would be deemed illegal. It’s perfectly legal for Kiwis to play online, deposit money, withdraw money and collect their winnings, etc. Nor are there any restrictions related to which online pokies they can play at. While some online pokies cater specifically to the New Zealand market, and this is certainly desirable, Kiwis can ultimately play at any online pokie that their heart fancies.

Furthermore, lottery winnings, which online pokies are classified as, are not taxable under New Zealand law, so even your winnings are not subject to any laws, though you may still be required to report them nonetheless.

Can I play on my PC as well as my phone and tablet?

This has been an important question for many of our readers, who lead activelives, and don’t often have the benefit of being able to spent any significant amount of time sitting in front of their home computer. And the answer is a resounding yes.

All of the online pokies we’ve reviewed are notable for offering some of their online games and pokies through that can be played on a smartphone or tablet, or by directly accessing the website through those devices. Many of these mobile casino games are flash-based, which gets around some of the issues smartphones and tablets can have running traditional programs.

The great thing about these mobile casinos is that they can be accessed from a universal account, so you don’t have to worry about having accounts for money deposited more than once. You can play on your mobile device while on the road, and then sit down and play from the same account once you get home. Online pokies with mobile games offer the best of both worlds to Kiwi players, and this makes them invaluable.

Is there a good variety of pokies for me to play online?

Is there ever! It’s difficult to estimate the total number of online pokies in circulation, but the number is probably somewhere in the realmof 1,000 different machines! These pokies are most often developed by some of the most skilled and prominent developers in the business, including Playtech and Microgaming. Of course not every machine is available at each casino; they must be individually licensed for use through their developers, so some online casinos have a much greater selection of pokies than others, depending on the variety they want to offer their players. You can realistically expect to find anywhere from 250 to 450 pokies available at a quality online casino.

As mentioned in a question above, these machines come not only in a variety of layouts, but also with a variety of themes to differentiate them from each other. Some lean on the simplistic side to promote ease of play and watching; others throw as much chaos and action at you as possible for a hectic and fun experience. In addition to the core gameplay, many machines also offer various bonus rounds or additional rewards. It’s up to you to read the pokie’s instructions and information to learn about the various features it offers.

Are the pokie games available online offering decent returns?

This is another good question. While we all understand that the casinos, online or off, take an upfront cut of the wagers (they wouldn’t make a profit and couldn’t operate their businesses otherwise), some are more liberal with their returns than others. The average payout rate at an online casino is very good, typically in the 95-97% range This compares very favorably to real-world casinos, which typically have payout rates in the low-90’s. This is largely because online casinos have less overhead costs, and can afford to take a smaller cut of the wagers to essentially make the same profits as a real casino. This makes them very attractive places to play.

Payouts are not simply casino-related however. Different pokies and games also have their own payout rates, and these can usually be found in the game’s information section. The difference between playing a pokie with a 97.5% payout rate, and one with a 94.9% payout rate could be immense longterm, so while it shouldn’t factor into short term decisions to try out different pokies, it should be a consideration if and when you’re looking for a few pokies to stick to for a long time.

How do I go about making deposits at online casinos?

Naturally, this is a vital question, and one we are asked quite often. It wouldn’t be possible to play at the casinos otherwise after all! Well, the good news is that Kiwis have a variety of options at their disposal for depositing money with online casinos, no matter where in the world that casino may be located.

Firstly there are credit cards, which provide the convenience of fast payments and withdrawals, with moderate fees. Not all credit cards can be accept withdrawals to New Zealand at online pokies however, so you’ll want to confirm beforehand not only your deposit method, but also ensure you have a good withdrawal method available.

A more reliable choice for deposits and withdrawals from New Zealand are e-wallets. These include outfits like Neteller, Poli, Ukash and more. These accounts can be funded in a variety of ways and from there, deposited into your online pokies account. Deposits and withdrawals are typically fast using these methods, and fees are mostly minimal. One note is that you may be restricted in the amount of money you can deposit or withdraw at one time through these services.

Lastly are wire transfers, and these are kind of a last resort. While they avoid the necessity tomake any kind of online payment and risk exposing your financial information, this is the slowest and most expensive option for depositing and withdrawing money.

What happens if I have a problem with the casino can I contact them?

Problems are bound to happen, be it difficulty getting specific games to run, trouble with your account, or other issues, and it’s important to know that you’ll be dealing with a company that can be relied upon to provide swift customer service and work with you to resolve your issue. The online pokies we’ve reviewed for you all boast excellent customer service, which was a prime consideration in our review process (though it is rarely mentioned in detail within the reviews themselves to keep them short and focused).

Most online pokies have multiple ways for their players to contact them. 24/7 e-mail support is almost universal, allowing you to a quick answer to a question that may not otherwise be overly urgent. Many also feature live help via chat, allowing you to address and solve problems in realtime. This is especially helpful for issues regarding the use of the website or games. Lastly, is phone support, with many online pokies offering toll-free numbers for Kiwis to contact them. These help solve the most important issues, including any payment issues you may be having, where the comfort of talking to a real person is important.